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Stripes and Florals

As of lately I have been obsessed with floral print. While shopping at Forever 21 I found this gorgeous Rose Print A-Line Skirt and to my surprise it was long enough. (Tall girl win)

Being a tall girl it can be difficult to find skirts or dresses that go to my knee’s. However this skirt is the perfect length.






I am not a heel wearing person, because I am self conscious of how much taller I am in heels. I am learning to accept them and strutted my stuff in these gorgeous heels the other day. I found them online here and I sure felt like a million bucks in them.

These heels though…


I’m not the best at walking in heels.. I may or may not have slipped a few times while attempting to get pictures.



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13 thoughts on “Stripes and Florals

  1. You look gorgeous and it’s always amazing to find a skirt that is long enough at a “regular” store. I adore stripes and florals together. Such a good pattern mix. And you look amazing in your heels. Good for you for giving them a try.

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