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Tall Girl Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress


In general being a tall girl and finding clothes that fit is difficult. Finding a wedding dress that’s long enough doesn’t have to be impossible. I have paired up with my three fabulous tall sisters to share all the tips that we learned throughout finding our perfect wedding dress.

Tall Girl Wedding Dress Tips

  • Start your wedding dress search ahead of time so that it can be ordered in tall.
  • Budget extra for alterations
  • Order a size up to add length and bring it in.
    • I got my dress in a size 6 instead of a 4 (3 years ago I was a lurp) and took it in to add some length.
  • Get your wedding dress stretched
    • Apparently it’s a thing. Sarah got her wedding dress stretched to add length.
  • If you plan on wearing heels bring them to get the official length
  • Don’t be afraid to try on everything. Most dresses have a hem that can be taken out to add length.
  • Custom order your dress
  • Don’t stress yourself out
  • Most important have fun!


The Farr Girls

Rachel: Photographer Amy Chamberlain

Sarah: Photographer Kelly Sansom

Me: Photographer Casey McFarland

Bethany: Photographers Whitney Brailsford & Emmy Lowe


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8 thoughts on “Tall Girl Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

  1. I had my dress made to measure. I cost only about £100 more than if I’d bought a dress off the peg and had it altered. I also had the fun of helping design it to be my dream dress and the seamstress knew exactly how to flatter my figure.

  2. What a great post and how fun that you included your sisters! All of you look gorgeous and those are some fabulous tips

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