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Bridals & Formals

3 years ago today I married the worlds most attractive ginger. I thought it would be fun to share my wedding pictures with the world.

Instead of just doing a bridal session I did a formal session as well. It really made my wedding day easier, because I didn’t have to stress out on my wedding day about all the couples pictures I had seen on Pinterest.

The day started out with bridals without my gingersnap.

Later my dearest ginger showed up for our Formal session

I got married in the Salt Lake City Temple which was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. Due to getting married in the temple I couldn’t film my ceremony, because it’s a sacred ordinance. I had always dreamt of the moment my husband saw me dazzling in my wedding dress. To capture this moment I decided it would be fun to surprise him at our formals session.

Giving my groom directions to the photoshoot (pre smartphone days and holding up my dress so it didn’t get dirty… classy).


The Ginger being escorted to meet his bride

“True Love stands by each others side on good days and stands even closer on bad days.”    -Anonymous

Awaiting the Surprise


cmp_8965.jpgAfter the little surprise we finished out the photoshoot taking pictures as a couple







The lighting in this picture!


It happened to be super windy the day of pictures. It helped to make great pictures, however my veil flew off a few times.



GQ status?

More bridals because why not?


My photographer: Casey McFarland

Have a spectacular day,



16 thoughts on “Bridals & Formals

  1. Beautiful photos! What a good idea to take pictures on a day separate from your wedding. We did a “first look” too before the ceremony and took all of our couple pics prior to the ceremony so that we could just enjoy the wedding and reception. Best decision ever!

  2. What a GREAT idea to surprise your husband with your dress at the photo shoot so you could capture that special moment! We would love to feature your wedding on our Blog! As we are just starting you would be out first UNIQUE REAL WEDDING 🙂 If you are interested please do let us know.

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