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I recently got my eyebrows microbladed by Amanda from Aesthetically You. I was reluctant at first about getting my brows done, because first off I am a wuss when it comes to pain. Second I am not really into makeup and tend to only wear it once a week and wanted to be able to look as natural as possible. Third I hate pain (I really am a wuss though). I wanted something that still looked natural. To my luck Amanda is incredibly talented and I was beyond impressed with how it turned out. If you live in Utah I highly recommend going to her to your brows done. She is amazing!


10 points if you can find my chicken pock scar on my eyebrows.


Why did I get mine done?

I am not one who is good at doing makeup. I can put eyeliner on (sort of), mascara, and sometimes do something fun with eyeshadow. Past that I am pretty lost when it comes to makeup. I started filling in my eyebrows about a year ago, and I really liked the full look. However they wouldn’t always turn out the way I wanted them, so I would end up giving up. I also am one who tends to pick sleeping in over getting ready, so I usually only get around to wearing makeup maybe once a week.

My Eye Brow Sob Story

As a child I had the most amazingly bushalicious eyebrows. However that all changed in Jr. High when I was introduced to a tweezer. They sadly never grew back in the way I wanted them to.

What is Microblading?

Mircoblading is similar to tattooing, but is different in the sense that the artist uses a handheld tool instead of a machine. They draw hair-like strokes onto the eyebrow. Microblading only lasts a year and is semi-permanent.

Does it hurt?

Yes it does hurt, but it isn’t the worst pain I have every experienced. It is a little bit worse than getting your eyebrows tweezed or waxed. I found that if I moved my toes while she was doing it the pain wasn’t as bad (some nurse taught me this random mind trick).

What to expect

When you first arrive you have to fill out paper work and health information. It is important to make the technician aware of any pertinent medical problems. After that you have numbing cream put on your brows. Next the technician draws on your brows and once he/she is done you can decide if it’s the look you want. Amanda is amazing and nailed it the first time. Next the technician will let you pick a color that you feel goes best with your look. After that the pain starts… The first round hurts pretty bad, because the numbing cream doesn’t get into your system. The second and third rounds aren’t as bad, because the numbing cream has gotten into the system. There is some after care required, but the technician will give you paperwork and creams. You will need to schedule a color boost, because the color doesn’t always take the way it is supposed to.

Does it fade?

Yes, after a couple of weeks it fades to the perfect look and the intensity will go down. It should last about a year.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is 100% worth it. It saves me so much time in the morning and has helped boost my self-esteem.





Once it has faded


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