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Neutrals and Over the Knee Boots



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I have been searching long and far for the perfect Over The Knee boots for tall girls with big feet. To my luck Lonia Shoes has me covered. These boots are not only long enough, but they’re also comfortable. I always expected over the knee boots to be uncomfortable, but these ones are great.

I found this shirt from Tall Girls UK, and it has by far been my all time favorite shirt. Not only is it comfortable it is also versatile for all seasons.



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|| Shirt: Tall Girls UK ||  || Boots: Lonia Shoes ||  || Purse: Calvin Klein ||

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4 thoughts on “Neutrals and Over the Knee Boots

  1. I am married to a man who is 6ft 9inches so while I am considered short, my daughters are all tracking along in such a manor that I know they will be considerably taller than most. So I’m glad that you are writing about finding fashion for the tall beautiful ones! I have so many tall people in my family (which apparently skipped me) so I know this subject is a hot topic!! Good luck!!

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