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Janela Bay and Body Positivity

Hey everyone! I hope that you are all having a wonderful day today. I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with some fellow bloggers and Janela Bay to share this fun swim suit shoot with you all. Back in High School I taught swimming lesson, was a lifeguard, was on the swim team and  on the water polo team. To say the least swimming is basically a big part of my life. Finding a cute and modest swimming suit can be difficult, but thanks to Janela Bay it isn’t difficult. They offer the cutest modest swimming suits.

When I first started blogging I had plans to be 100% open and vulnerable with you all and share the ups and the downs of my life. Well life happened and I never really opened up. I have decided to get vulnerable in this post and talk about my body image as of lately. Over the fall/winter I gained around 15 lbs due to medical issues along with enjoying desserts a little too much. Well I haven’t been looking forward to sharing summer clothes because it is harder to hide that extra weight.

The majority of my life I have been naturally thin. Since I swam in high school I could eat whatever I wanted without having to worry about the consequences. I didn’t continue swimming in college, but I continued to work out a lot. Well life happened and I was no longer able to continue that active lifestyle. My metabolism started to slow down due to go off of a medication. I started packing on the weight. My body changed and so did my body image. I was no longer that girl who was naturally thin. I am now that girl who has to try my hardest

I was contacted by Janela Bay to collaborate with some fellow bloggers. I wasn’t super excited at first because I didn’t love how my body looks in a swim suit. After many low moments I decided to screw it and embrace my body for the way that it is. Once I tried on the suit from Janela Bay I felt like a million bucks. Her swimming suits are perfect for all body types and comfortable. I am so thankful for this collaboration because it opened up my eyes and brought me out of my shell. I am learning each day to love my body no matter how it looks. Every body is beautiful! Love yourself no matter what.

I had a blast collaborating with my favorite blogging babes. KarliKeara, and Kate

Cellulite is a natural part of life which is why I choose not to photo shop it out.

Thanks to Evelyn from Dear Frida for taking these pictures.



KarliKeara, myself, and Kate

So I have a bit of a problem.. I am obsessed with floaties. I have 4 different floatie’s that I take with me whenever I go swimming. I recently found GoFloats and I have been beyond impressed with the quality. They sent me this awesome unicorn floaty and I have been using it whenever I get the chance. Plus I can’t fail to mention that it is only $20.


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