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Hello Casual

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Let’s be real for a minute. I am one of those people who likes to be as casual as possible but still look chic at the same time. To be completely honest I am either in sweats, wearing a dress (because they’re comfortable), or wearing a basic shirt and comfy jeans. I prefer comfort over looking good. However with that being said who says that you can’t get the best of both worlds? I am pretty obsessed with this graphic tee trend as of lately. I love pairing a graphic tee with jeans to create a dressed down look. I added this vest and bandana to give it a more chic look. I feel that you can easily turn a basic casual tee into something more. With this cute shirt I received from Silver Linings Co  I was able to turn this casual look into a more chic look. You have to check out her site because I pretty much relate to everything on her site in regards to what the shirts say.

Some of the link contain an affiliate link. A portion of each sale goes to fund the Classy Giraffe.

I have a confession… I haven’t dyed my hair in almost 2 years… I got a balayage 2 years ago when they were first in-style and I haven’t gotten around to doing anything to it. In my mind at least I think it still looks good. If I ever decided to get it done again what are your suggestions on what I should do? Let me know in the comments.


Big thanks to Evelyn from Dear Frida for taking my pictures. She always does an amazing job.

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|| Shirt: Silver Lininings Co || Vest: Amazon || Bandana: Amazon || Boots: Amazon ||

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