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Tea Party Dress


As a child I was obsessed with playing tea party with my stuffed animals. I would search through my dress ups to find the most elegant dress possible. Now as an adult I love every opportunity that I have to dress up in a fancy dress. This dress was given to me by Eshakit and ever since I got it I have been pretty much in love with it. Eshakit is a fabulous company, because each piece is altered to your body. Each body is different and it can be extremely to find clothes when your body doesn’t go with the “standard size”. I gave them my measurements, changed up the dress to how I want, and in return I received the perfect dress. This dress fits me like a glove. You also aren’t going to be paying an arm and a leg for these outfits which is nice.

Thanks to Evelyn from Dear Frida for taking my pictures.

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