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Seven Peaks and Modest Swim Wear

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I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Seven Peaks with a few of my bloggers friends. We had a blast playing around in the water while we got our pictures taken. I would have to say that it was by far my favorite shoot of all time. If you have never been to seven peaks you are missing out. I have been going to seven peaks for years. I used to spend multiple summers soaking up the sun at seven peaks. It was actually recently renovated and everything looks absolutely amazing. They have some great cabana’s that you can rent out to make your day of adventure even more fun. I also can’t fail to mention that the food is actually delicious and isn’t going to break the bank. After the shoot Evelyn and I stuffed our faces with delicious cheeseburgers.

Nothing like chilling with some friends at the water park.

In case you are wondering our all of our cute swimming suits come from Billie Jo Clothing. I love these suits because first off they are adorable and second off they look great on all of our very different body types. I have been wearing my suit on repeat this whole entire summer. It is comfortable and flatters my triangle shaped body.

Big thanks to Evelyn from Dear Frida for taking these pictures!


Don’t worry I was laughing the whole way down the slide.

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