White Elephant Gift Guide

10 Funny and 10 Practical White Elephant Gifts

Let’s be real for a minute. White Elephant Gift Exchanges are basically the best thing ever. I love the idea of bringing the most random things and seeing everyone’s reaction to my crazy gift. Basically it’s the one time of year I can get away with being weird.

10 Funny White Elephant Gifts

1. A Bob Ross Chia Pet because who doesn’t need to be reminded about painting happy clouds.

2. A Mustache kit for those looking to disguise themselves.

3. A Fanny Pack that makes all the other fanny packs jelly (they have a six pack option as well)

4. A Nicolas Cage Mug because who doesn’t need to see their favorite actor every morning?

5. Unicorn Farts because who doesn’t love cotton candy?

6. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to a Salmon Filet Pillow?

7. A Snowman Toilet Cover for those who want to make their bathroom festive

8. Is it really a party without a Mullet Wig? Business in front party in back…

9. Basket Case Headband game for those who need a hint.

10. Farts in a jar for that gassy friend

10 “Practical” White Elephant Gifts

  1. Toilet Putter Practice

2. A Cat Timer perfect for your dog loving friend

3. Is it really a White Elephant Party without a White Elephant Figurine?

4. Squatty Potty because I got one at a white elephant party and love it.

5. A Poop Emoji Blanket for those obsessed with poop

6. Poo Pourri because everyone should have some just in case

7. A Beard Hat to stay warm and to help those who can’t grow facial hair.

8. A Unicorn Bath Bomb because who doesn’t need to feel magical while taking a bath?

9. Since most people have always wanted to be a mermaid. This Mermaid Blanket will make dreams come true.

10. Because Snuggies are the only way to stay warm this winter

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Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful time at your White Elephant Party.

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