Maternity Session + Baby update

It is crazy that in the next couple of weeks I get to meet this sweet little boy. It has been so much fun feeling his little kicks. I can’t wait to see whose features he takes after and who he looks more like.

My pregnancy this far has been fairly standard. I wouldn’t say I’ve had a hard pregnancy but I also wouldn’t say that it has been easy. During my first trimester I was constantly nauseated but I never really threw up. By my second trimester I started throwing up but wasn’t nauseated as often. The aches and the pains also started in my second trimester. The third trimester I have been dealing with swelling, false labor contractions, and pregnancy pains. I thought I was going to be one of those people who didn’t have to deal with any swelling because up until I was 34 weeks I didn’t have any swelling. Well once 34 weeks hit my feet, ankles, and fingers started to swell. My wedding ring got so stuck on my finger that I couldn’t get it off for an hour. I was on the verge of going to the jewelry store to get it cut off. Luckily after enough tries I was able to get the dental floss trick to work.

At this point this little boy doesn’t have a name quite yet. He has a middle name picked out but no first name. We had girls names we agreed on but when it comes to boys names we have nothing. I am really hoping that we leave the hospital with a name. A couple of months ago Casey and I both separately went through a list of 1,000 baby boy names and picked out the ones that we liked. Not one of the names on our lists were the same. That is pretty pathetic if I say so myself. Let’s just say that Casey and I have incredibly different styles of names. Casey likes the more modern names while I like older names. The kind of names that haven’t been popular for years and your great great grandparents most likely are named. Casey is pretty set on naming this boy Thomas. While I like the name Thomas I am not the biggest fan of it going with our last name which is Brady… that would give my son the name Tom Brady… after a football player. While both Casey and I are Patriot fans I don’t want to name him after one of the team players. I have really been liking the name Theodore and we would call him Theo. Casey doesn’t hate that name, but he doesn’t love it. Fingers crossed that we are able to find a name that we both like and that works with this little guys personality.

I have to give a big shoutout to Charly Hill Photography for taking these amazing photos. I had so much fun going to the Utah State Capitol to take these pictures by the blossoms. I am so incredibly happy with how they turned out.

The dress and floral crown I am wearing are from Sew Trendy Accessories. I absolutely love this dress because of how flattering it is. I was pretty worried about doing a maternity session because the majority of the weight I have gained during my pregnancy has gone to my behind. This dress is very flattering and with the help of maternity spanx I was able to feel confident during this session. I am not going to lie I felt pretty cute which I haven’t felt a lot during my pregnancy.

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3 thoughts on “Maternity Session + Baby update

  1. Love the pictures! Perfect timing with the spring flowers and I love your dress!

    We never could agree on a name until after the babies were born- I hope once he’s here you have an easy time coming up with a name that suits him.

    1. Awh thank you Erin. It’s so hard naming a child. Hopefully when he’s here Casey and I will agree on name soon.

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