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Loving Your Postpartum Body: Mom Bod

Every summer since I started blogging I have done a swim suit post. This year since I had a baby I wasn’t going to do one because of my 8 week postpartum body. Well after deciding to ignore my insecurities I changed my mind and threw on a cute swimming suit from Lime Ricki and posed my heart out.

Having a baby was such a wonderful experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity. Theo is the best thing to happen to me and I love having in my life. However the whole process of having a baby did a number to my body. It has left me with some battle wounds: cellulite, stretch marks, and a mom gut. I’m not going to lie I felt ashamed of my body because of how different it looked. My old clothes don’t quite fit the same and I have to wear a belly band if I want to wear high waisted pants. However I shouldn’t be ashamed of this body of mine because of all that it has done. This body endured a 9 month pregnancy, 23 hours of labor, and 2 hours of pushing. It also provides me with the energy I need to take care of my sweet son. This body of mine is beautiful and is so strong.

I could have easily edited out my stretch marks and cellulite but it has always been my policy to never edit out my “imperfections”. While this body of mine doesn’t look like a Victoria Secrets model it’s my body and I love it regardless of how it looks. I am proud of my mom bod and all that it is capable of doing.

Regardless of how your body looks I encourage you to love it.

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