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Postpartum Care Products

Postpartum Care

Having a baby is a wonderful experience but it is also very painful. According to my OBGYN birth is a very violent process and can do a lot to a woman’s body (definitely something you don’t want to hear lol). Which means recovery should be expected not to be easy. Prior to having Theo my sister warned me about how sore my body would be after giving birth. She gave me the run down of how painful everything would be. She gave me a list of things that I would need after having a baby. I was glad that I had those items during my recovery. I have put together a list of things you will need during your recovery.

Herbal Perineal Spray

This stuff is by far one of my favorite products that helped me through my recovery. It contains witch hazel along with some other ingredients that will help aid you recovery. It is very easy to use and it brought me a lot of relief. It is designed in a way so you can spray it upside down so using it is easy. I had a second degree tear and this stuff really helped me to heal. You can get it here.

Organic Perineal Balm

This balm is wonderful. It contains witch hazel and rich organic botanicals meant for postpartum care. It gives a cooling comfort to your sore areas. You can get it here

Herbal Sitz bath

This Herbal Sitz bath brought me a lot of relief while I was still very sore. You can use it as a sitz bath, a poultice, or a padsicle. You can get it here

A Squirt Bottle

Most hospitals will provide you with one. Believe it or not using the bathroom for the first little bit after you have a baby is painful. Having a squirt bottle to use makes the whole experience of going to the bathroom less painful. A squirt bottle was another one of my other favorite products that I had during recovery. You can get a squirt bottle here

Ice Pack

Icing your downstairs will bring you so much relief. If you don’t have an icepack you can fill a latex glove or even a sandwich bag with water and freeze it. You can get it here

Stretchy pants or a House Dress

You will want to make sure you have comfy clothes to wear during your recovery especially some sort of stretchy pants or a dress. I personally didn’t want to put jeans on or any other type of pants during my recovery.

Maxi pads and/or Adult Diapers

Unfortunately you are going to bleed for awhile after having a baby. They will give you mesh panties in the hospital but for when you get home I would recommend getting maxi pads or adult diapers that you can wear while you bleed. I bled for about 6 weeks.

Nursing Pads

If you plan on breast feeding I would highly recommend getting some nursing pads. There are disposable or reusable options. Once your milk comes in pads will help to prevent cracked nipples and keep you dry.

 Nipple Cream

If you plan on breastfeeding I recommend getting some sort of nipple cream. I was pretty sore


Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. You are going to be tired and overwhelmed. Have a support system set up in place before.


Just a reminder that you are awesome and you are going to be great. Don’t over stress and take time to relax and try to find sometime for yourself.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day,


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