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In Home Session + Life Update

We had these pictures taken when Theodore was 7 weeks old. Life has been so crazy that I haven’t had the time to post these photo’s. I am beyond in love with how these photo’s turned out and will most likely be printing a few of them. Looking through these pictures I can’t believe how little Theo was. Now he can almost sit up, almost roll over, can stand with assistance, and loves to laugh.

Theo is now 4 months old. Time has been flying by like crazy. It feels like just yesterday I welcomed this sweet baby into the world. Being a mother has been absolutely amazing but also challenging. It has been a balance trying to figure out how to find time to take care of myself while taking care of Theo. I have been working on putting Theo down in his room for naps which has been hard but is nice because it gives me time to get some of my things done. I am also working on putting him in his crib at night instead of having him sleeping in the bassinet.

Big thanks to the wonderful Evelyn from Dear Frida for taking these wonderful photos.




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